Fakenham Baptist Community Church



We gather together from 10.30 to 12.00 each Sunday morning at

Fakenham Community Centre

We gather as a whole church community once a week. This is the main time that we worship together, learn from scripture, pray with and for one another, and get prepared for the week ahead, living as followers of Jesus..... 

Between Sundays, we meet in small groups in and around the town.  Here we forge deeper relationships, take teaching and explore how we apply it in our lives.  We get to listen to the stories of others and share our own, growing in our discipleship to Jesus.......

                                            Sunday Gathering          |          Midweek Meetings


FBCC Coronavirus Coronavirus Guidelines


For the sake of those who may be vulnerable we are asking those attending our services to observe the following:


Please use the hand sanitizer provided;  wear a mask when moving around the building;  observe reasonable social distancing;  do not hug anyone withour permission;  use anti bacterial/viral wipes on surfaces you have touched.  For the time being we are not serving refreshments.


FBCC Leadership Team